Religious Education

Core RE:

At St. George’s all 6th Form students attend 1 hour of Core RE lesson. Pupils explore different topics in terms of philosophical, ethical and religious issues at a greater depth than their GCSE. Pupils generally enjoy in participating these lessons. In these lesson pupils are challenged to think bigger and wider; and their role & responsibility in our world. We explore different topics such as Scientific and Christian creation accounts, Abortion, Sanctity of life, Euthanasia, Catholic Social teachings, Human trafficking, Stewardship and various Ethical theories. Pupils also explore current political and scientific discoveries and its impact on our society and Catholic teachings on these topics.

  • Guest speakers are usually invited.
  • Pupils are given the opportunity to engage in our outreach programmes in our local parishes.
  • Pupils get opportunity to enrol in youth leaders programme
  • Some pupils are encouraged to research further for their EPQ qualification.

A Level Religious Studies:

RS is quite popular subject at St George’s. We have at least 10 pupils choosing to study RS for the last 3 years. It is taught by the staff who is eager and have excellent qualifications. Teachers’ passion for this subject have truly inspired pupils to do well in this subject. It is a subject that by its nature requires students to consider individual, moral, ethical, social, cultural and contemporary issues in a religious context. develop their ability to make responsible judgements on significant moral teaching and religious issues. Pupils study OCR specification which consists of 3 units of study:

  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Religion and Ethics
  • Development in Christian Thought

There will be three examinations, with one for each of the three branches of the course. Each examination will last for 2 hours and each will have equal weighting with regards to the final grading of the A level qualification.

Types of Lessons

  • Some lessons will be very structured being designed to develop student knowledge and will use text books;
  • Discussions and debates; some sessions will be student led with peer presentations on a pre-prepared topic;
  • Suitable DVD clips or interviewing a visitor.
  • Students will be expected to write – sometimes taking notes, answering questions, and practising essay skills.
  • Individual especially in preparation for the RS4 examination.
  • At least two guest speakers visit from Russel group of universities.
  • At least one essay to be completed each week.
  • All pupils will be provided with a revision book.

Course Links

Recommended Textbooks

  1. Oxford A Level Religious Studies for OCR: AS and Year 1 Student Book by Libby Ahluwalia
  2. OCR Religious Studies A Level Year 2 by Michael Wilkinson & Michael Wilcockson