Students studying music at Key Stage 5 are able to choose either A Level Music or Rock School Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Music Technology. Students who study A Level Music or Music Technology are provided with free instrumental lessons.

A Level Music

A level Music at St George’s offers a vigorous and academic syllabus to prepare students for university study. Students must achieve a 6 at GCSE in order to take this subject onto A level where we follow the Eduqas A Level Music Course.

The A Level course offers a range of music experience including solo or ensemble performance, composition and analysis.  Students can choose whether to specialise in performance or composition with a 35% / 25% weighting on their chosen practical music specialism.  Musical analysis (40%) is assessed in a 2 hour 15 minutes written examination at the end of Year 13 and examines students on their knowledge and understanding of specific areas of study. 

There is one compulsory area of study – The Western Classical Tradition (The Development of the Symphony 1750 – 1900).  The remaining areas of study are chosen with the cohort in mind from the choices below:

Rock and Pop                                                             Into the Twentieth Century

Musical Theatre                                                        Into the Twenty-first Century


Students studying A Level music will receive at least two homework tasks every week, in addition to independent study and instrumental practice. In order to prepare them for the terminal exam paper - the homework tasks will include harmony work, learning music vocabulary, revising key facts about the set works and completing exam-style questions.


Rock School Level 3 Subsidiary Diplomas  in Music Technology

The RSL3 Subsidiary  Diploma continues to develop the technical skills gained at Level 2 and provided a detailed insight into the music industry and potential career paths.  It offers greater flexibility and enables the students to develop skills in a practical and vocational context.  All students are actively encouraged to develop their understanding of Logic Pro X and professional recording techniques through the use of our suite of MACs and recording studio.