School Prefects

Prefects at St. George's take on many responsibilities, these include being lead tour guides on Open Day/Evening, assisting with the organisation of Parent's Evenings and other school events.

On a daily basis Prefects have duties to carry out either at break or lunch time, these include managing lunch queues, library entry and playground duty.  

Students at St. George's are invited to join the Prefect Team in January of Yr9, those who are successful in the role are invited to interview for a permanent position.

Prefects at St.George's wear red and silver striped ties and wear a prefect badge on their left lapel.

We currently have 35 Prefects across Yr10 and Yr11 who do five duties a week, from January when Yr9 join the team Yr11 will reduce their number so as to concentrate on exams.