School Council

Our School Council is comprised of a democratically elected group of pupils from each class.  The purpose of the School Council is to represent pupils’ views and opinions on issues relating to school.  Our School Council benefits the whole school as it provides a forum to communicate with the Senior Management Team influencing decisions that are made. This enables each pupil to be active in the school community and in their own education.  Issues that might be discussed at meetings include:

• School rules and policies
• Activities after school 
• Bullying
• School equipment
• School and community fundraising
• School meals
• Facilities in school
• Community issue

How does the School Council work?

At the beginning of the academic year, each form elects two school council representatives.  Council meets once every half-term for each Key Stage and also once every half-term as a whole school council. 

Form representatives bring issues to the school council which are then discussed and brought up in Senior Managament meetings by Mr Morgan who oversees school council meetings.  The School Council often welcomes guests to speak directly to the council on particular issues, representatives from our catering company or members of the senior management team, for example.

Every half-term, there is also the opportunity for selected school council members to present issues directlty to the senior managment team.