School Clubs

We are extremely proud to launch our programme of extra-curricular clubs. While St George’s School is best known for its outstanding exam results and its inclusive community, we believe that a broad and balanced extra-curricular programme enhances our student’s development providing something for everyone.

All of our clubs are free of charge and are managed by St George’s teachers or approved professional coaches.

There are three reasons why we encourage all students to participate in at least one club.

Firstly, clubs provide the chance to acquire and develop key skills and talent. Whether it’s the confidence and self-control that students gain from dance lessons, or the patience and poise cultivated through chess, there are few better ways to develop your character than to throw yourself into an extra-curricular activity.

Secondly, clubs provide a great chance to meet new people and immerse you within the vibrant community of St George’s. You will get the chance to work with new teachers and meet potential friends from other classes and year groups.

Finally, clubs offer the chance to have fun. Psychologists have repeatedly revealed that the happiest people in life are people with a wide range of interests and hobbies. One famous psychologist (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi) says that the highest human experience is that feeling you get when you are doing something for the sake of it, rather than to achieve something else. He called this ‘FLOW’, but you might call it being ‘in the zone’. If you can find something that you love doing it’s a gift that will give you pleasure throughout your life.

Below you will find our booklet with information on our various clubs and when they run.

Mr Roche

Extra Curricular Programme 2018-19