Christmas Appeal

 Dear Parents/Carers,




 As the seasons of Advent and Christmas are fast approaching, I am writing to you to support our Christmas Appeal. This year we are appealing for financial and gifts of food parcels which can be distributed through our partners, Sacred Heart, Quex road, and the North Paddington Food Bank.

In view of the changes in benefits to many householders and the financial squeeze on so many householders and a recent M.P. reporting that he “believed his local foodbank would need 15 tons more food this Christmas”. The Trussell Trust Charity (providers of emergency supplies) said we “would not be able to catch everyone who falls.”

We aim to enable our partners to be able to step in and support families, the elderly, and those most vulnerable at this time of year.

I would ask you to be as generous as you can, knowing that this is a testing time for many families, who are also facing a struggle to prepare for the Christmas Season.

We would ask your child to give at least £2 or whatever you can afford. Your child could contribute to this through small family jobs or from his/her pocket money. Our food parcel request can be found on the back of this letter. I know I can count on your support as we reach out to those of our brothers and sisters who face great hardships at this time of year. Your generosity and gesture are a sure sign of Catholic witness and love.


Yours sincerely,


Bernard Dadswell.

School Chaplain.