You're my place of quiet retreat, I wait for your word to renew me. Psalm 119:114

A retreat programme is run throughout the year allowing each form in years 7,8, 9 and 10 with its tutor to take part in a retreat. Our retreats are central to Catholic life at St George’s. It is important that students take some time out and leave behind the usual distractions. They spend some quiet time contemplating their relationship with God and form strong bonds with one another through shared experience.

Year 7s
We are proud of our links to the local Kilburn area and the Marion centre. The Year 7s enjoy games, discussions and reflect on the theme of ‘Community’.

Year 8s
Year 8s also spend time on retreat in Kilburn and reflect on how they can answer ‘God’s Call’. They do this through discussion, videos on inspirational people, games and quiet prayer.

Our retreats link to Catholic Social Teachings and how students can make the world a better place through their own small actions.

Sixth Form
At St George’s we are proud of our student volunteers on their pilgrimages to:
Lourdes, Rome and Walsingham. Here they are given the opportunity to see these sacred places of pilgrimage and gain valuable skills as volunteers.