The Drama Department is developing rapidly at St. George’s and there is becoming an increasing demand for Drama, both as a curriculum subject and as part of our extensive range of after school extra-curricular activities. Drama is highly respected at the school and is recognised for the extraordinary impact it has on the students’ lives, including their ability to engage in group activities whilst developing the confidence to be an outstanding public speaker, performing in front of an audience.

The wide variety of skills taught in Drama are developed over time and are often used in other subjects and in later life.

Our Drama Curriculum includes a wide variety of cross-curricular topics which make a vital contribution to students' social, moral and cultural education, whilst developing the students’ skills of communication, teamwork and creative problem solving. Drama is taught throughout the school at Key Stages Three, Four and Five. During this time, students develop the skills they need to achieve in a professional workplace, preparing them for many possible future careers including Law, Journalism, Politics, Medicine, Education, Psychology, Advertising, Hospitality, Tourism, Theatre and many other industries which involve the key skills of communication. Through the experimentation of Acting, Directing and Stage Management and the participation in whole school productions, Theatre in Education and Community Projects, students are taught how to be professional, reliable young adults, learning a wide variety of interpersonal skills in the process.

At St George’s we offer Drama at GCSE Level. Each academic route offers experiences to engage in innovative acting methods which are tailored to meet the students’ individual needs. Students are given the opportunity to increase their knowledge of Drama in the professional industry, not only working with our experienced full-time teaching staff, but also with Theatre Practitioners, Directors, Designers, Choreographers, Musical Directors, Actors and Stage Managers. Students find it extraordinary that we offer such diverse opportunities to work with professionals who are keen to share their passion for this fascinating expressive arts form. Their knowledge of the profession is further enhanced through external theatre trips to see live theatre productions in London’s West End Theatres!

St George’s Catholic School would like to welcome you to join the Drama Department, a melting pot of technique and opportunity. 


  • Ms S Taylor - Head of Department
  • Mr M Manning
  • Ms E Mcnulty

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