Covid-19 News

2021 - 2022 Latest News/Updates


Should your child test positive for Covid-19, or display any of the symptoms associated with this, please do not send them to school as we are trying to ensure that this does not spread in our school community. We recommend students continue to wear a mask for this reason.


Further to the new government guidelines all students will be required to wear face coverings, unless exempt, in lessons and all communal areas of the building upon our return to school this week.


We wish to advise you that a number of people have tested positive for Covid 19 in our school community. Appropriate action has been taken in each case, with close contacts identified and referred for PCR tests where appropriate. 

Should your child display any symptoms of Covid 19, or appear unwell, please, take the appropriate responsibility and keep them at home, while informing the school of their absence.

Further to the latest Government guidelines plain face coverings are to be worn by all staff and students in communal areas of the school unless you are exempt.