Our Staff

Mr M Tissot - CEO of the Trust
Mr J Martin - Deputy CEO of the Trust
Mr C Gregory - Head of School
Ms L Ling - Deputy Head
Mr L Patrick - Deputy Head
Mr J Buckley - Acting Deputy Head / Head of Teaching & Learning
Ms T Frost - Assistant Head / Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Bohan - Acting Assistant Head
Mr Morgan - Acting Assistant Head
Ms K Mulligan - Acting Assistant Head
Ms C Savage - Acting Assistant Head
Ms L O'Sullivan - Acting Assistant Head
Mr J Mackay - Acting Assistant Head
Ms V Hadden - Acting Assistant Head

Ms C Savage - Year 7 (Deputy - Mr R Ankers)
Ms E Price - Year 9 (Deputy - Ms A Dutton)
Ms L O'Sullivan - Year 10 (Deputy - Mr L Cawdrey)
Mr M Roche - Year 8 (Deputy - Mr E Chijioke)
Ms K Mulligan- Year 11 (Deputy - Ms E Aherne/Ms E McNulty)
Mr F Morgan / Ms H Barnes - Sixth Form (Deputy Ms M Mukhtar)

Ms I Goursaud (SENCO)
Ms C Gomez (Deputy SENCO)
Ms C Lee (SEN Administrator)
Ms K Foster
Ms M Milanowska
Ms C O'Donnell
Ms F Osman
Mr P White

Ms C Brereton - Head of Department
Ms H Horwood
Ms K Khatlan
Ms T Frost

Ms Z Latifi - Head of Department
Mr A Bangari

Ms K Mulligan (BTEC Coordinator)

Mr A Bangari
Ms E Varsani
Ms Z Latifi

Health & Social Care
Ms K Mulligan
Ms H Barnes
Mr L Cawdery

Info Tech
Ms M Cheng
Ms H Patel

Mr D Osborne
Mr J Ihm

Travel & Tourism
Ms L Avery
Mr A Bangari


Ms M Vadgama - Head of Department
Ms C Robinson
Ms K Khatlan
Mr P Ainsworth (Technician)

Mr T MacDonald - Acting Head of Department
Mr F Morgan
Mr E Bohan
Mr B Abad
Ms A Hickmore
Ms Z Alomani
Ms S Harrild
Mr M Brockwell
Ms E McNulty
Ms E Doherty
Ms M Chandler
Ms T Odumosu (Media)

Mr J Mackay - Head of Department
Ms S Harrild

Ms V Hadden (Head of Department)
Mr J Mackay
Mr J Buckley
Ms H Averill-Hampshire
Ms E Byrne
Mr J Manning

Ms L O'Sullivan – (Head of Department)
Ms K Keane
Ms P Richards
Ms L Avery

Government & Politics
Mr J Mackay - (Head of Department)

Ms V Hadden (Head of Department)
Ms I Sheffield

Ms M Cheng (Head of Department)
Ms H Patel
Mr J Catchpole

Ms C Murden - Head of Department

Ms P Amit

Mr J Ashbery

Ms L Bisping

Mr M Brockwell

Ms M Genee

Ms C Kegel

Ms S Mayne

Ms M Mukhtar

Mr P Shah- Numeracy Coordinator

Mme. K Derdabi
Ms S Redondo
Mr P Giambaressi
Ms L Ling
Ms C Dubois
Mr T Carswell
Ms T Coleman

Ms C Savage - Head of Department
Mr A Allen

Mr M Roche - Head of Department
Mr L Cawdrey
Ms E Price
Mr E Chijioke
Mr L Patrick
Ms K Mulligan
Mr I Densu

Mr A Narisetti - Head of Department
Ms J Ronayne
Ms O McGinty
Mr S Saxby
Ms E Doherty
Mr B Abad

Mr W Stevens - Head of Department
Mr C Barbara
Mr M Thomas
Mr D Osborne
Mr R Ankers
Ms M Alisandarage
Ms E Aherne
Ms J Ihm
Ms J Carleton
Ms Z Rangnekar
Ms H Barnes
Ms J Kouassi