GCSE 2022 Results

We are proud and delighted at St George’s Catholic School as we celebrate an excellent set of GCSE results. It is of particular note that the results this year show that 42% of our grades were awarded 7-9 which is significantly above the national average of 22.6% this is a real testament to the efforts placed by both students and staff.

Considering that this group of students have emerged from a challenging period of time, it is evident that their hard work, consistent support from home, together with the many efforts placed by the school staff - additional revision opportunities provided at weekends, after school and during holidays, a number of mock examinations throughout the year etc. have paid off.

Ms Katie Mulligan expressed her delight at the results today and is looking forward to continuing our work with these students as most will attend our high achieving Sixth Form. It is her belief that these students, who have already experienced considerable challenges, have faced these in a resilient and confident manner with the full support of the staff in our school community.

The Head of School, Mr Cathal Gregory, shared his delight at the results today and agreed that the ethos of the school in terms of creating confident, motivated young people had been realised today.

Likewise, the Executive Headteacher, Mr Martin Tissot commented on the strong partnership between the students, the school and the home to make todays successes possible.