Ordinary Time


During Ordinary time (Winter), ie. up to Lent, we are asked to pray for these intentions:

Peace on Earth; Christian Unity; The Sick and Those who Care for Them; Victims of Trafficking and Those Who to Combat it; The Unemployed.


Peace Day                            14th January                    World Day for the Sick                 11th February

Octave of Prayer                18 – 25th February          Racial Justice Day                         28th February

For Christian Unity

Presentation of the Lord    2nd February                   Day for the Unemployed            11th February

Day for Victims of                8th February                   St David                                             1st March




During Lent we are asked to pray for these intentions: Candidates for the Sacraments;

Women; The Needy and Hungry of the World; Penitents and Wanderers.

Lent Fast Day                    23d March                           St Joseph Spouse of the BVM    19th March

Ash Wednesday              14th February                       The Annunciation of the Lord     9th April


Women’s World Day         2nd March                          Candidates for the Sacraments

 of Prayer                                                                           Especially on the Sundays of Lent