Liturgical Life


During Advent and Christmastide we are asked to pray for these intentions:

Openness to the Word of God, Migrants and Refugees, Expectant Mothers.

First Sunday of Advent                    3rd December          Expectant Mothers 24th December.

Migrant’s Day                                   3rd December         The Nativity of the Lord. 25th December

Immaculate Conception of BVM   8th December        The Holy Family of Jesus 31st December

Bible Sunday                                    10th December       Mary and Joseph.



During Ordinary Time (Winter) we are asked to pray for these intentions:

Peace on Earth: Christian Unity: The Sick and Those Who Care for Them: Students and Teachers:

The Unemployed.

Peace Day                                  15th January                                     World Day for the Sick    11th February

Octave of Christian Unity       18-25 January                                  Racial Justice Day              12th February

Presentation of the Lord          2nd February                                   Day for the Unemployed 26th February

Day for Victims of Trafficking  8th February