Catholic Life

Ordinary Time: Reflection



Feeding of the five thousand

The Season of Easter has now passed and the Church returns to what is called Ordinary Time which lasts to the last week in November. During this time the Church visits the Preaching Ministry of Jesus through the Gospel of Mark, and explores the teaching of Jesus as the Good News unfolds through this public ministry.

It is a good time on which to reflect on the nature of what it means to be a Catholic and how this impacts on our life as a Catholic School. I am grateful for the reflections of Carmody Grey writing in the Tablet (3rd June) who shares her observations on what it means to be a Catholic, which I think are pertinent for us as a Catholic school community.

She reflects on what she considers to be one of the greatest works of Theology of the 20th Century “Catholicism”: Christ and the Common Destiny of Man. The author Henri de Lubac refers to the “social nature of the Church” that is that as Catholics we are members of the same body not as is currently viewed by secular society as “individuals” This has a profound meaning for us in our Catholic schools for “we belong to everyone” this is the essence of what it means to be a Catholic.

Therefore Carmody Grey states “every single person has a claim on me” and “I have a stake in every human life…. one cannot be indifferent to the human story.”

“Like Christ, we bear in our hearts and bodies the whole of human history.” Therefore our relationship with God is not a private matter, it is through the Church that we are capable of meeting God and through the Church we are saved.

This reminder of how community is essential to our faith journey is neatly expressed when she says

        “Only in assuming responsibility for the whole human family only in bearing its burdens and rejoicing in its joys, do we become capable of meeting God. We come to God carrying one another, or we do not come at all.”

In our school every spiritual and pedagogic moment is a communal opportunity to share and develop our responsibility to ourselves and to each other. This Term as we explore the Gospel message we will be able to encounter God through each other, and so develop a community rooted in God’s love and compassion which we share and give to each other and to our human family.