All students in KS3 will study the following curriculum set out below, over a three year period. The topics have been shuffled to maximise the learning at the correct times which will help in their learning and development. This will also help students achieve the best possible levels in KS3. This in turn will equip them for their GCSE years by having a solid base to work from. Topics being taught are:

Year 7

Basic lab rules, Reproduction, Acids and Alkalis, Sates of Matter, Energy Transfer, Electricity, Magnetism, Nutrition and Digestion, Respiration and Breathing, Separation Techniques, Forces and their effect, Earth and Space

Year 8

Introduction Activities, Plants and Microbial Processes, Chemical Change, Earth Science, Light, Sound, Ecology, Chemical Reactions, Energy, Electricity

Year 9

Introduction Activities, Chemistry, Light Energy, Sound Energy, Inheritance and Variation, Photosynthesis, The Human Body, The Earth and Beyond, Forces, ISA practical skills, Introduction to GCSE courses.

revision booklet year 9
Revision topics for KS3