KS5 History

A level History at St George’s offers a vigorous and academic syllabus to prepare students for university study. Students must achieve a B grade at GCSE in order to take this subject onto A level. Students who take History at A level have a strong record of going onto study History at the best universities in the country. This course really prepares them for the academic vigour of Higher Education.




Students are set two pieces of reading, two written answers and two skills-based activities each week. The school holds the highest expectations of A level students in order for them to achieve the best results.


This year A2 students have visited Nottingham University for a History enrichment day run by their History department. The department ran bespoke lectures and seminars for our students, tailored to their course. The admissions tutor also spoke to the students about what makes a good university application.

Year 12 students visited the British Library on October 14th to hear a lecture entitled '1963: A Turning Point in the Civil Rights Movement?' The University of East Anglia hosted this lecture and discussed teh national and international factors behind the significance of 1963 to the Civil Rights Movement.

The school has teamed up with the IOE and the UCL to start a project with year 12 and year 13. This will involve them using a moodle site with other schools to complete projects. They will be under the guidance of History education experts from the IOE and an American Historian from UCL.

History KS5 Edexcel